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Professionally run sports contests since 1993. Over $1,200,000 in prizes paid yearly.

Compete against fans from over 40 countries (sorry, US players not allowed) in football, golf, hockey, basketball, soccer....

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  • Pro Football

    Kick off the football season with the Original Survival Football contest. You could win a Grand Prize of $100,000! Total prizes for the season and playoffs are now over $760,000.

  • Golf

    Tee it up with Survival Golf. Play all the Majors plus the Players Championship and select playoff events with prizes totaling $300,000.

  • College Football

    In the regular season we've got College Football Spread Survival, followed by College Bowl Spread Survival with prizes totaling over $30,000.

  • Hockey

    Skate into this season with Survival Hockey and Stanley Cup Survival. Compete for prizes totaling $50,000.

  • College Basketball

    March Madness Survival. Compete both straight up and versus the spread for $60,000 in prizes.

  • Soccer

    From the English Premier League to the European Championship to the World Cup, we have contests with prizes totaling $25,000.

  • Baseball

    Hit it out of the park with the boys of summer with $15,000 in prizes up for grabs.

In Play
Current Round
Tickets Left
Out In Play
Survival Baseball (II) 2017 C $5,000 C $100 0 2 0 / 62
Survival Baseball (III) 2017 C $5,000 C $100 0 62 0 / 62
2017 British Open 100 Survival C $37,500 C $100 139 314 0 / 453
2017 British Open 200 Survival C $10,000 C $200 12 51 0 / 63

Past Contests
# of Winners
2017 Masters 100 Survival C $55,000 C $100   18 / 663
2017 US Open 100 Survival C $37,500 C $100   10 / 453
2017 Players Championship 100 Survival C $32,500 C $100   36 / 393
2017 Masters 200 Survival C $15,000 C $200   1 / 91
2017 Masters 500 Survival C $10,000 C $500   1 / 25
2017 Players Championship 200 Survival C $10,000 C $200   1 / 63
2017 US Open 200 Survival C $10,000 C $200   1 / 63
Survival Baseball (I) 2017 C $5,000 C $100   1 / 62
2017 Masters 100 Mini I Survival C $2,500 C $100   1 / 30

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